So I bought this PS3 console that came with GTA-V .. OR let me say it ..  I went to buy GTA-V but ended up buying it along with PS3 Console. So that’s how you spend $300 where you could easily buy a game for 50 buks and come home in peace but anyways playing GTA-V on Ps3 console was and is a great experience anyways until PS4 launches in November. Getting into shoes of a ghetto, kicking every one’s ass, snatching cars, shooting at random people and then driving crazy on roads like one does in Pakistan .. Hey .. that’s what I already knew .. I am PRO at it…  been there … done that ; )

I remember how insane it is driving in few cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi. I did not mention Peshawar because .. that’s one hell of a city full of mad drivers. They will literally stop at green signal and Go on red. You have to drive as if you’re playing video games. You will be bombarded by pedestarians from both sides of the road like some one is throwing them at you. No Rules No Law. Drive like they do or you’re dead.

Been out of touch with games for the last 4-5 years, it’s never easy getting back but it’s never too late either. I just had to understand controller and it took me a little extra effort understanding how to do stuff like picking up GUN, Aiming, Shooting but like I said, I knew how to kick some one’s ass and how to drive on roads crazy :p





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