I am to my wits end dealing with Steve Jobs wannabes .. Every other client I come across these days is trying to copy him and giving me references to how he used to be pixel perfect and then start quoting him here and there.

You know Wali, Steve Jobs used to say this… Steve Jobs used to say that..

Damn !! Guys be yourself .. Stop being him .. He was successful Entrepreneur but that has nothing to do with being an ass for the developer alone .. honestly .. trust me .. that’s not the only trait that made him successful. I know.. I know .. I have read his Bio, watched his movie and read a lot about him online .. I know he was perfectionist and would not settle for anything less than 100% but guys calm down … unless you are building a new innovative product, please don’t waste HOURS fixing css / colors and little useless tweaks which even you know is not worth wasting my time and your time specially when its only a WordPress website or plugin that we are working on. I mean c’mon .. I have to change diapers of my baby too .. please!

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