I can never forget that dance I saw on the streets of my small home town and that was probably the first time I got to know what cricket is. I was in the market to buy some yogurt when heard the announcement that Pakistan had won cricket worldcup. I was so excited to see the happiness on every one’s face and the lovely scene of people hugging each other and dancing on streets that I totally forgot to buy yogurt and started dancing along with my age fellows and when got tired I went back home to tell my mother that we’ve won Cricket World cup and I thought my mother would ask me what is cricket world cup and I will explain her the story that I just heard in market. But the question on my mother’s face was of course different. Yogurt ? !!!!!!

As a nation, we are sweeter than yogurt .. and I know most of the time (given the conditions) yogurt does not taste sweet so does our nation. The world cup Imran khan brought to this country meant a lot to every one of us back then. We did not have any hopes but this guy gave us HOPE when he went along with 11 players to fight for world cup and not only won that but gave us a name in the Sports World. The happiness did not stop there, as we won Hockey world cup right after 2 years and then we stayed King of Squash for 15 years !!!! that’s not a small journey… Since then, we as a nation, has started Hoping a lot and the expectations had been really really high.

Once again, we are hopeful. A hope that has been there in every single Pakistani since existence of this country. For a country full of justice, free of corruption, a better living for every individual and Respect as a Nation in outer world. This is not the first time we are hopeful about that. In my pure opinion, Pakistan only had 2 great leaders in 65 years. The first of course Quaid e Azam and the 2nd Bhutto. Both were revolutionary leaders and gave a Hope to nation. Quaid gave hope of getting Independence, Islamic state and Muslim empowerment. Bhutto gave hope of better living through “Rotee-Kapra-aur-Makaan” naara. Both were able to achieve the results and then…

Our nation has so many hopes with this new leader yet again. He has given a Hope to our innocent nation. He has came through a long way and spent 15 years of his golden youth time to build this Politicial Party for which he claims will bring justice, law & order and better living for every Pakistani.

I am hopeful too. I am loving it.  I want to see this happening. I want to see a better Pakistan and better Pakistani’s. I want to see our name as respectful as it was 30 years ago in outer world. I want to see Law & Order, Justice, Food, Living, Resources and every necessity of life available to Pakistani citizens. I am Hopeful that this will happen one day but at the same time I dont want IMRAN KHAN to come into Power. I dont want him to be President or Prime Minister of Pakistan.

I want to stay Hopeful. I want to keep HOPING !!!

I don’t want to lose this hope as this is last hope I’ve for my country. And I want Imran Khan to remain a Hope because if things don’t change after he comes in Power, I will lose this Hope… I dont want Imran khan to take away this hope from me and from every citizen of Pakistan. Our nation is very innocent. They don’t know the answer to ..what if Imran khan be the same as others after coming into Power? Who are we going to look for in next elections?

So Imran Khan …Please… Don’t kill my hopes.. Don’t become the next ruler of Pakistan! Be the Hope and Stay as is!

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