Just submitted one of my recent plugins. I thought I should have the plugins in WordPress repository too. I will post a link to it soon, once its approved of course.

Here is a little description of how this plugin works.

This is a standalone plugin that offers Dailymotion Video Search right from your WordPress Dashboard. The plugin uses Dailymotion Graph API (json) to search videos and ofcourse its Fast and Efficient to what it does. You can use any search keyword and search either Recent or Relevant videos from Dailymotion.

This plugin will automatically pull your categories upto 3 levels. You can then save Videos in these categories.

A video Post will add the following to your post.

1. Video Title
2. Video Duration
3. Video Thumbnail automatically set as Featured image of your post.
4. Video Embed HTML code automatically inserted in your Post content.
5. Auto Set Post format as Video

Once video is published, you will get a link to EDIT right on plugin dashboard.

EDIT: July 10th, it was approved in first attempt and its live on here

Or You can download the latest version from here:

DailyMotion Search and Publish Videos

The Version 2.5.1 Released: January 30th, 2015.



  • Youtube & Vimeo coming soon option enabled.
  • New Option: Search by User ID option in DailyMotion
  • New Option: Added Total Results selection
  • New Option: Added User Settings Page with multiple options
  • New Option: Width & Height settings for Player
  • New Option: Video Embed Custom Field Selection
  • New Option: Video Post Status Selection ( Publish – Draft )
  • New Option: Video Post Format Selection ( Standard – Video )
  • New Option: Video Player AutoPlay option selection
  • New Option: Syndication Key for Dailymotion
  • New Option: Prefix Video Title Option


10 thoughts on “Dailymotion Search and Publish Videos WordPress Plugin

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I plug bought puplısh video click Set me direct website homepage cıkıyor but page 404 page is not found consistently for months in this way add-in video ekleyemiyorum.dailymotio distribute key and other settings in my tam.b can be induced to cause trouble wonder
You can give the password if you wish to understand the problem as the site of the panel in full için.eklent I want but I can not.


    whats your URL? did you try updating latest version?



Where i can get Syndication Key? it API Key & API Secret???
help me please. thanks

    Wali Hassan

    Hey Dave,

    Dailymotion has changed a bit now and may be you don’t need syndication key. You need to add your website in your Account for monetization and that will take care of it.

    I have launched the premium plugin with Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion with tutorials here

    Check that out. It might help you



I upgraded this plugin ans selcted the option that it should show controls of player but it does not show players control. before upgrading it was running well

    Wali Hassan

    Try selecting ” Do not show play er control settings” and see if that works? I think its a bug and its working opposite which means if you select SHOW it will hide, if you HIDE, it will show. It probably has something to do with recent changes in Dailymotion API. I will fix it in plugin and push it with next plugin update. Thank you for pointing it out.


Salam Bro,
how to reset all settings in you plugin


how to reset all settings in you plugin

Wali Hassan

You can reset categories but for User Settings there is no Reset button. You manually have to reset them one by one.

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