Date: 12th Sept, 2012 – Time: 4:00pm ..

A friend’s phone call I received from Punjab..I was not feeling well for last few days . Fever & Flu but took this call ..

Hey bro sup … ( My excited friend πŸ˜› )

Nothing much yaar ..Not feeling well for few days .. Flu & fever .. killing me .. ( I answered the call with cough …Β  )

Oh, get well soon buddy .. Yaar I called to tell ya I am getting engaged probably tomorrow πŸ˜›

Wow!! that’s like so soon ??? Wow…Hey butΒ  happy for you man .. Congratulations … Who is the lucky girl?

Hahaha .. not final yet… there are 2 of them .. will finalize one by tonight and let you know ..

What? You serious.. You are getting engaged tomorrow with any one ? LOLΒ  πŸ˜› You don’t have a choice ?

Hahaha .. Honestly .. No… 1 is Daughter of Dty. Director in some Govt sector. .. the other is daughter of factory owner ..So I have no objection in either case πŸ˜›

Man !! .. What are you talking about ? πŸ˜› you marrying father or daughter ? πŸ˜› You don’t want to see her? How does she look like and all?

Hahahahaha !! If Father is rich , daughter be pretty for sure πŸ˜› hahaha I am more interested in daughter of Mill owner, she lives nearby πŸ˜›

LOL .. Good for you bro .. Congratulations in advance .. btw .. how is your factory going?

It’s good .. it’s good… all is well..

Yaar did you hear that around 300 people died in that Karachi Factory Fire and around 100 in Lahore Factory?

Yeah .. heard .. too bad man .. too bad .. My heart cries ..

Yes.. true .. hurts .. I am so amazed people don’t care about these life saving equipements and procedures at their businesses .. It doesn’t only save human life but expensive machines at business too .. I don’t know whats wrong with People.. They will invest millions in Machinery but wont spend a couple of thousand in life saving equipment.

Well said .. I agree !!

By the way .. Have you done something about your Factory? I heard Govt is going to take strict actions to ensure safety and precautions at Factories & Mills now !! (Lol @Now)

Yeah Yeah…. but they wont come after small factories .. we are too small to get noticed .. They will go for Big FISH πŸ˜› No worries

But still dude .. If not Govt, you should be worried about safety of your employees.. No?

OhΒ  .. That’s not an issue .. We have no Fire related work at Factory at all ..So no Fire Extinguishers required here..

What? Bro !! Cmon .. wherever there are Humans at workΒ  , you definitely need Life saving equipments installed like that …

Yeah .. well if we’ve to get ISO 9001-2012 something only .. otherwise .. its fine .. who cares ? πŸ˜›

Oh yeah that’s right .. But what if something happens ?

Yaar … It’s been 30 years .. nothing has happened and nothing will ..

But what If?

“Allah Malik Hai” (God will take care)

Oh .. Kis ka ? (Whose?)

Hahahaha .. Every one’s .. Mine .. Employees .. Yours …Β  πŸ˜› You don’t trust in Allah?

Yeah I do .. LOL!! Sorry I forgot that in Pakistan .. the only responsible one is Allah … for those who died today in FireΒ  .. for those who lost their lives in Flood .. and .. for those who die every day because of Hunger and Inflation… Allah should do something about it …

Hahahah .. Dude .. Chillax .. Relax πŸ˜›

Yeah trying πŸ˜› Chal have fun ..Congratulations man for getting engaged tomorrow πŸ˜› do let me know who are you getting married to ? πŸ˜› Govt or Mill owner:P

Hahaha .. LOL πŸ˜› bohat haramii hai tu .. (no translation) Sure man .. I will call ya … C ya . bye

Bye and Allah HAFIZ (May Allah take care of you) !!

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