Every one from 80’s like me remember this as we’d an “awesome” childhood when there was only 1 TV channel, 1 Morning show and (out of context) we were 1 nation as well.

I used to watch “Chacha jee” every morning and see “Paintings and drawings” made by kids and then cartoon right at 7:30am which were mostly “Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther , Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck,etc” .  I remember how crazy it used to get before 7:30 .. rush rush rush so that we don’t miss it .. and then right after cartoon, we used to run towards school. And after cartoons it was time for everyone else to watch TV.

Gone are the days .. Now we have more than 1 channel and more than 1 morning show full of a huge variety of cartoons that we can actually see in these shows . Oh! but they are not for kids .. they are for TRP !

I am not sure if most of us are aware of the term “TRP” but that’s what every other morning show is about these days. I didn’t know what the bleep TRP is either so I googled and Wikipedia came to my rescue:

The Target rating point (or TRP) is an audience measurement criterion of rating points that indicates the popularity of a television channel or programme in a particular channel. The TRP measure helps advertisers decide which TV channels and programs to place their advertising in.

So now that’s what all the fuss is about .. getting Advertisements for a TV Channel … !

Unfortunately, all dejected & rejected people of society who are big time failures in their lives have taken control of these morning shows.

I find it more than funny to see all these divorced women now leading Morning shows and talking about how to be a successful wife .. how to live a happy married life .. how to take care of husbands and kids and all that bullshit! But why they could not run their own successful married life? Because of their tongues & thoughts but yeah they are getting RATINGS for Channels by dancing , talking stupid, making weird faces , spreading shit about men and gaining sympathies of women beaten by their husbands. If all that does not work, lets get a poor girl get married LIVE on TV ! .. oh and if that does not help either, why not bring a Christian or Hindu on TV and make him Muslim ? Wow Bitch Wow !!

No offense to all these women on morning shows ( Yes you too Sahir Lodhi!! ) and even if they get offended, seriously I don’t give a flying truck…no matter how much makeup you wear and no matter how much English you use to look mod , you guys can not look more uglier than you do. You are the most Pathetic, Ugliest and Terrifying Cartoons for a Morning show.

Thank God you were not there to horrify my childhood.

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